Federal Services

We make government software with the same polish as consumer applications.

Federal sofware people want to use.

Let’s face it. We all need to interface with Government services, but none of us want to. And it doesn’t help that traditionally, Federal software has not been designed and built with the user in mind. We’re changing that. Taking a design-first approach, we break down a user’s tasks into micro-achievements. We use basic human psychology to create a satisfying experience that makes processing and management a breeze.

Feedback & Guidance

We start with the user and hone in on their specific needs and tasks. We then create an experience that uses motion and interaction to guide them through their steps. The user is continually getting feedback when they do something right, creating an instant learning curve and zero frustration.


One of the most difficult UX challenges is keeping a user-focused while executing mundane tasks. We provide the user with validation and information at the right times to keep them on task. The result is a system that encourages completion by providing the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Federal Services Need to be Modernized

We specialize in updating legacy systems to meet the needs of todays citizen.

Federal mission expertise

We understand the challenges and opportunities facing federal agencies, and implement solutions that improve outcomes.

Quality process and framework

Our dual-track agile approach allows us to ship fast through ISO 9001-certified and CMMI Level 3-compliant operations.

Remote enabled

As a 100% distributed organization, we communicate and build applications that have no dependency on location.

Succeeding with Modern Processes in the Federal Context

At Theorem, we know that every client is different. Each has a different culture, objectives, funding considerations, and consequences of failure.

In the case of our Federal customers, these differences are often heightened and can become obstacles to realizing the many benefits of Agile software development techniques. So, is Agile still the answer for our Federal clients? It can be. The key is to start with the right game plan. Download our complimentary guide now.

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